The success story of a global brand

IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded on 16 December, 1966 in Shimo-Numabe, Kawasaki City, Japan. Our first customer was a company headquartered in a village named Iriso at the time (present-day Sayama City) in Iruma-gun, Saitama prefecture, Japan. This is what prompted us to name our own company after that very village. An appropriate and permanent reminder of how much we owe to that first customer and the thrill that we felt upon receiving this first order. While processing this initial order, we started production in a makeshift “factory” – which was nothing more than a living room within an apartment containing fewer than ten employees.

Seven years later, in April 1973, we developed our first in-house product in the form of a pin for plug connectors. Leveraging the technology used to develop the pin, we paved the way forward to become the manufacturer of connectors that we are day.
However, our business scope has since expanded on a worldwide scale. Our objective remains unchanged: to continue growing as a globally active corporation. This is reflected by our ceaseless drive to expand our business activities, while customer satisfaction remains our top priority at all times.

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BtB-Series 1,25 mm Socket


FFC/FPC-Series Flip-Lock, I-Lock, Tandem-Terminal, 0.5mm Pitch, 10-60 Terminals