2.2 billion of our board to board plug connectors are now in use worldwide.

Worldwide, IRISO Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of floating board to board connectors. Maintaining a global outlook, our company and its over 4,000 employees have been developing and producing a top-quality range of connectors since 1966.

The performance of IRISO connectors is globally acclaimed. Thanks to their exceptional reliability, demand continues to rise for IRISO connectors in market sectors including digital devices, FA/OA
 devices and more.

IRISO Electronics offers automotive and industrial customers a wide range of top-quality plug connectors. Its plug connector range includes: FPC/FFC, compression, B to B, LED, socket, pin header, interface I/O, optical fibre and small terminal.

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FFC/FPC-Series Flip-Lock, I-Lock, Tandem-Terminal, 0.5mm Pitch, 10-60 Terminals


BtB-Series 1,25 mm Socket